Post a *PIC* of your latest purchase...

My barn find that I brought home about three weeks ago. No rust or bondo, numbers matching and under 63000 miles on it.


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It is a 74. Pretty much a one owner car. The original owner bought it off the lot in Sept, of 73. In 1999 she put in the paint shop to have it re-painted. Sadly she passed away while it was still there. Her son took possession of it and parked it in his barn, he started it every now and then, but never re-assembled it or drove it after the paint was applied. Over the years of setting, the original bumpers and a few small parts were lost/misplaced, but otherwise it is an all original and numbers matching, very highly optioned car. I am going to eventually put it back to the original color of Midnight Blue Metallic with the White Touring Vinyl Top. I am really going to enjoy this car, it drives like a dream.
Currently trying to put new carpet in it. Nobody seems to make a carpet kit for a 1974 Nova with the console and floor shift automatic. So I am trying to reshape a 4 speed carpet to work. This is what the floorboards looked like when I got everything out of Solid as/Like a


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