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Oct 3, 2013
SK, Canada
Took my first video of it today. A bit fast idle speed I know, but any slower than 900 - 950 rpms and it would cut off when driving it. Safe to say the shop that put the electric choke Holley on (while I wait for my 780 carb to be rebuilt) didn't know how to dial it in properly. Isn't the proper idle speed like 750 rpms or something?

Sounds fantastic!


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Oct 6, 2011
Just off Woodward


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Bobs RPO Z/28

Mar 10, 2021
Were both cars type LTs? Curious what are the trim tag dates? Points or HEI? (Pardon my asking, just narrowing down timelines)
Med red car was a sport coupe with spoilers, console and gauges no stripes It did not have HEI and I put a accel dual point in it along with solid cam and LT1 intake and Holley dbl pumper. I bought it off the lot.
Med brown car is LT Dec 73 car w stripes, it has a Muncie m20 in it. No info on my red one. It was back in the day and “just a car”. Both were points cars. However my white one was a LT TH400 HEI. Someplace I had trim tag info but haven’t found it since we moved last fall.
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