Power steering gear box recommendations


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Aug 30, 2006
Looking for recommendations for a new steering gear box for my 72. I have a leak at the very end of the input shaft where it connects to the rag joint. Thought it was a seal problem but after replacing seals still leaking. Don't need a quick turn setup just something for everyday type driving. Prices are all over the place. Kind of leery of off brands but would consider if others have had good luck with them. Thanks in advance.


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Aug 30, 2006
It is leaking at the end of the shaft where the the splines are. I had it removed for a leak on the shaft that attaches to the pitman arm unfortunately it hit the ground upon removal and it started leaking at the point on the input shaft as described after I had it reinstalled


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Mar 24, 2009
San Gabriel Valley, California
I have used Lares products on a few vehicles now and have been very pleased with them. Just a state or two over from you, probably can ship it to you in a day or so. I ordered mine, a 10972 from RockAuto.com and it was dropped shipped from Lares.

I would not hesitate to go with a quick ratio either, that is the 10972. They are not really twitchy when compared to modern steering. 10970 if you want to slower ratio.
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Todd Devine

Aug 6, 2021
Second Redhead. My local suspension shop recommended them and installed on my 70 Camaro. No leaks and steers almost as good as rack and pinion..

Chris Greenley

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Dec 15, 2020
I started out cheep and didn't work for me I started with a cardone box then a lars then a Borgeson thay all had more slop than my ex wife so finally got tired of jacking around and bought a Sweet manufacturing box 12:1 quick ratio and holey cow that box is tighter than a frogs ass almost to good there is zero slop in this box and my car drives like it has rack and pinion now I guess my lesson learned you get what you pay for.
IMO 2 things you shouldn't skimp on breaks and steering


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Dec 7, 2014
Borgeson had too much slop? That's surprising.... mine had zero. Maybe you got a defective one?
Same here, mine is perfect. I also had a good one from Cardone, but the Borgeson one definitely turns quicker.