Project Old Soul 71 build


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Oct 26, 2018
Update on shipping the last peices needed for exhaust. Getting parts tomorrow to keep moving. Can’t wait !

Scott Sievers

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May 22, 2018
SE Iowa
heheh Its like christmas when you see the truck pull in your drive... do you RUN OUT to meet the delivery guy? Or be COOL and wait till he leaves to run out the door?


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Jun 13, 2000
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I picked up a really well built 1971 Camaro last week and I'm excited to start the build to bring it closer to my vision.

The theme of the car is going to be vintage looks, modern suspension, brakes, transmission and vintage hot rod SBC motor with good street and track manners. The car is going to be mainly a street car, but as a former long time autoxer turned HPDE junkie turned NASA race series participant in CMC, the car has to handle well and be at least capable of the occasional autox or tame track day session.

I've been hot rodding cars for 35+ years, and built a few from ground up including a road race 1991 Corvette. F-body wise this is my 6th one.
Had a '89 Iroc 5.0/5-speed that ended up with a super-ram solid roller 355 and TKO
Race car 83 for CMC class
68 show car with 383
69 Pro-touring build with EFI LT1, TH700R4, Front subframe chassis w/ R&P, C5 components
2016 Convertible SS T56 - currently own

I am debating if I will keep the 2016 long term - my plan would be to drive this one about as often as I drive that one, which for the past 2 years has been 5K miles a year. We'll see how I do once I get through the initial phase of my build plans.

71 currently has a 406 that makes 500hp/500tq and a manual TH350 with 3200 stall. Hotchkis suspension. 4wheel disc. 10 bolt with Eaton posi and Moser axles.

Initial focus is T56 Magnum install plus some odds and ends like power steering, power brakes, and some slight tweaks to the motor and exhaust.

Next phase will focus on the suspension - looking at the DSI quadralink and add coil overs and tubular A-arms to the front

Final phase is a bit fuzzy - potentially additional power, upgrade wheels, convert to EFI, track oriented mods like baffled fuel tank - depends how the car is working and where I want to use it at that point.

It was featured in CHP in April 2010 with the story title Old Soul, so I figure keep that name for this build thread.

A few initial pics below. Updates should start this weekend with the exhaust system - I will post as that progresses.
Currently has a cobbled up mostly 2.5" system with 2.25" collector reducers and 2.25" flowmaster 40 series muffles which are very loud.








Both cars are beautiful and thanks for sharing. On the '71, what size tires are you running on front and rear?


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Oct 26, 2018
255-45-17 on 17x8 front
295-45-17 on 17x9.5 rear

Fronts are 26” tall. Rear 26.5”

I can’t find any regular performance street tires in 295-17. Found 2-3 options with a 285-40 which is a 26” tire and matches front size better.

So likely will go that route.
Current rear tires are MT drag radials.
The tires on the car are at least 9 years old. In good shape considering. The car has clearly been garaged. But still time to change them.

Looking at contisports


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Aug 27, 2003
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That's one of my top ten Camaro's around. Was owned by a forum member as well. He helped me with the wheel size/BS and now I have exactly the same wheels as you have. Also sent me some pictures of the shocks which are moved to the inside.

Beautiful car with a beautiful stance as is in my opinion. Congratulations with the purchase :bowtie:


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Oct 26, 2018
Oh that’s great he was a member here. Marc. Car has had two owners since then before me.

I am pretty impressed with how well the car was put together overall.


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Oct 26, 2018
Exhaust is installed!! I had to use one of the original collector connectors which is slightly angled because the straight one pushed the exhaust up too much and left no clearance at the trans crossmember. I'll re-address that when I change the transmission - for now this will work.

Sounds great! Much mellower and very deep and throaty and just enough quieter where you can actually hear the fuel pump over the engine outside the car. I mean - don't get me wrong, it's not exactly quiet per-se. Seems about what I was looking for. I still haven't added the 12" "tailpipe" sections - will leave it this way for some test drives and check things out.
Didn't hear anything hitting the body and have 1/2" clearance or more in most places so should be good.

I did take a video - will try posting that when I get a chance to upload it to my computer.

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