Prothane or Delrin

Which to use

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Feb 12, 2011
atlanta, ga
Ok so I'm lowering the rear of my bird (sits too high for me. Since I have the rear out...ish... I noticed the rubbers in the shackles are dead. I also am removing the fuel tank to fix the sending unit as it's reading FULL tank with only 4 gallons of fuel in it. Sooooo with the tank out and the rear end unbolted no better time than now to do leaf bushings! Car is a performance oriented DRIVER that SHOULD live up to it's Trans AM heritage. ;)

Prothane or Delrin?


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Oct 25, 2001
My recommendation is delrin in the frame and then something in the leaf eyes that allows for a little rotation and tilt like spherical bearings or rubber. I've never tried urethane in the rear eyes. My assumption is that it would sqeak.

1978 Z/28

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Jul 17, 2017
New Brunswick
I used a complete urethane bushings kit for my 1978 Camaro. I was afraid of squeak used lots of Energy suspension Polyurethane Bushing Grease. I bought a 8 oz container of the stuff. So no squeaks and ride is good. Wear gloves when you use grease


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Dec 22, 2011
San Antonio Tx
I used polys on everything an I do have one squeak that comes & go away every now and then but when you add in all the other rattles coming from the doors, t-tops & my way to loud exhaust that one squeak is hard the hear.


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Mar 25, 1999
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MOOT...found the global west kit.....entire kit for the same price os some of the shackle kits.... so Del-alum it is.



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Feb 12, 2011
atlanta, ga
Did u find one with the spherical front bushing? I like that idea.
nope just the 3 locations with alum cased delrin

local and IN STOCK... only $150 CHEAPER than DSE copy (oops...not COPY as the DSE uses the LOW PROFILE grease zerks)

NOW if the search engine at SUMMIT or JEGS or couple other places actually PULLED UP THESE search would have only taken 30 minutes....but NOOOOO being the chaepars that I am I refused to believe there was ONLY 1 group making them and really didn't look to do the front but...its better time!


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Dec 9, 2009
Gordon from Jacksonville Fl
I think I would go with Custom works rear shackle kit of Delrin for upper, rubber for leaf eye, grade 8 bolts and heavy duty shackles with 2 sets of spring mount holes. Does not appear Keith @ Custom Works has upgrades for the front leaf mount but there are options through Dave at Pro Touring F Body; Spherical bushing for the spring eye and an improved front spring mount.


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Sep 8, 2015
I would suggest not to use the Del-A-Lum bushing in the front spring eye portion, but in the rear frame & spring eye only, unless it's drag only.

New rubber in the front eye, perhaps "nailed" rubber if on the cheap, or spherical bearing if budget permits and/or pushing the handling limits.

Dave at has them.

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