Purchasing a new distributor - Need Recommendation


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Mar 25, 1999
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I mean the Unilite was pretty groundbreaking when it came out in the '60s... but that's kinda the end of that story.
Their electric fuel pumps were the industry standard, since they are owned by Holley now, I'm sure it's no longer a Mallory product in the box.

You could tell a similar story for Offenhauser, except they stayed independent. They came up with a lot of really cool manifold designs than stopped their R&D. I don't think they've come out with a new product since the 70's. Their own catalog is dated 1987


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Jun 26, 2017
If you buy a MSD distributor, make sure to check the gear.

I bought a Pro-Bilet from Jeg's and it came with a .006" oversized gear. Thankfully my engine builder caught it, or I would have had some bad issues.

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