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Discussion in 'Troubleshooting & Diagnosis' started by Mitch'80Z, Jul 30, 2005.

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    Something in my Rochester Q-Jet is amiss.

    When idling the pipes spew fumes. It is definietly gas, not oil. Also, my mileage has suddenly become horrible! It wasn't like this before it went into the body shop 7 months ago for a complete paint job from the bare metal up. Is it likely that some body shop dust got in there and gummed things up? When I got it home, the air filter was caked full of body dust and other nicities from the shop.

    The shop has an excellent reputation and I don't think for even a second that they touched the engine or abused it in an way whatsoever. I'm going to hose it out with carb cleaner tomorrow when I get home from work, but I was just wondering what your thoughts were. Two "hobby" mechanics told me they think the accelerator pump is stuck.


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    Sounds like the welch plugs in the base of the carb have sprung a leak (not uncommon in Q-jets).

    The only way to fix them is to tear the carb apart, clean them off, then epoxy them. I use a product called Hysol to expoxy them. The kit I have is about 20 years old and is from Hysol who must have been bought out by Loctite. It's called a Hysol Epoxy Repair kit. It's a two part stuff that is white, impervious to all chemicals espically gasoline and alcohol.
    Of course, tearing it apart means a rebuild kit and while you're in there, replace the float and accelerator pump.

    Q-jets are not hard to rebuild. Take pictures or draw diagrams of the links as you take them off. BE CAREFUL WHEN ASSEMBLING THE CARB NOT TO BEND THE METERING RODS.

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