Question about harassment or threats


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Aug 27, 2013
Shelton, Nebraska
Trust me, due to my occupation I know those days are over. And I also know Bullying is one of the most misused overblown topics there is. If you are threatened, you have a legal right to defend yourself with force if necessary. Simply meeting the guy outside will likely cause him to back down. If not, if he chooses to proceed, then as he said it's on. I have no worries about any legalities of the matter, I'm pretty well versed in them. Ask someone who's been involved in a stalking case that has turned for the worse. Ask how much it helped to call the police, report, etc. It didn't. Very little they can do until physical action has taken place. Sure you can file a restraining order. I'm sure the guy respect it lol. I'll take my chances of defending myself with my own hands. I've personally know a victim of stalking, harassment, physical harm. Police reports, restraining orders did nothing.

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