Question for 71 Z28 owners


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Feb 24, 2000
There has been a lot of discussion/ debate regarding the rear spoiler situation in 1971. I would like to hear from 71 Z owners who are pretty confident about the originality of their cars regarding the following:

1. What type of spoiler emblem did your car come with? Part number if possible, too.

2. Do you have the one piece or three piece spoiler, and what option code does your GM DOCUMENTATION show (build sheet or window sticker)?

3. Also interested in your buid date and build plant to determine if that's a factor in this issue.

My car had been hit lightly in the rear at some point and came to me with a replacement deck lid and no spoiler at all. My build sheet shows RPO D80, and I want to try to get it back together with the RIGHT spoiler and emblem package, so I'm looking for actual verifiable info, please.

Thanks in advance for your help!



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Feb 16, 2000
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Joey, I applaud your questions and efforts to solve these issues......WE ALL need to work together to contribute FACTUAL (at least what you THIMK is correct) information and draw more conclusions before Carlisle....


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Jun 6, 2001
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Original (I've spoken to the original owner).
1. Metal emblem.
2. One original window sticker just refers to it as "air spoiler" (but this may also be referring to the front spoiler) under "Z28 Equip."
3. Norwood - 05A build date.

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1971 Z28


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Oct 23, 2001
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Norwood 01D build.

Tall spoiler with decal.

100% sure of originality. Spoiler had never been removed from car. Still attached with original acorn nuts on outer edge of trunk lid.

Joey, if your car came with the tall spoiler, there would have been holes in the rear quarters where it was attached. If the quarters were not replaced and you find no evidence of the holes, your car probably had the short spoiler. The tall spoiler was a COPO option in 70, and both were available in 71. They were built both ways and could be ordered both ways.
For example, Mulsane71's car came with the short spoiler and the Copper 12000 mile survivor was built within a week of Rick's car at the same plant and it has the tall spoiler. Hope this helps.



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Feb 24, 2000
Thanks guys, for the responses, and the encouraging words from Chuck. Let me throw a couple more thoughts at ya-

I have heard before that the foil decals were correct for the tall spoiler (as Dennis mentions) but I have seen several promo and period magazine pics showing the tall spoiler with an emblem that obviously has some depth to it, like a metal emblem rather than a decal. I know many of the pre-release factory pics were airbrushed, but not the magazine pics I wouldn't think..?? The 71 assembly manual shows the same part number the emblem for both spoilers (under Z28 and D80), which never made sense to me because that emblem (PN 3994698, same as 1970) has a slight curve on the back to fit flush on the low spoiler. Also- in the assembly manual, the 3994698 emblem is called a 'decal' for BOTH spoilers....

Next- judging solely from the assembly manual, it would appear that the low one piece spoiler was included in the Z28 package, as it is shown only in the RPO Z28 section. But it looks that if D80 was specified (for ANY car, not just Z's) it denoted the tall spoiler PLUS a front spoiler, which would indicate that the front spoiler shouldn't have come on cars with the low spoiler..?? (look at the sheet revision dates for RPO D80, too: 5/70-7/70 these changes were in place prior to production- at least on paper). It seems pretty cut and dried based on the assembly manual, but it doesn't look like that explanation will hold up with some of the feedback I've gotten here.

It's hard to believe that it was done completely at random, though, either- it seems that there would have been something to trigger the difference. I also realize that there could have been parts shortages to account for SOME of these issues as well, but you'd think that we'd be able to develop some sort of pattern that would jive with assembly manual info somewhat.

Your thoughts are welcomed-



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Sep 15, 1999
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70 Camaros did not have a front spoiler option until 1971. Only know that 73 Z28's came with the foil Z28 rear spoiler emblem.

Mark D
1970 Z28

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Mar 18, 2000
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Joey, this following quote is from the Camaro White book."A front air dam was added to the RPO-D80 spoiler option. The rear spoiler part of the option was the three-piece style previously available as COPO 9796.The standard Z28 rear spoiler continued to be the smaller style,but adding the RPO-D80 spoiler package to the Z28 caused the smaller spoiler to be replaced with the larger style. All Z28's had the front air dam." Hope this sheds a little light...Mike

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Sep 13, 2002
My '70 has the tall 3 piece spoiler with the front air dam, and it has a metal emblem on the spoiler, and it is angled so it fits flush.

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