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Apr 13, 2020
Thought I would ask if anyone knows where these two wires go? This is a '70 Camaro w/ a 307 and factory A/C. Both wires are on the pass side close to the firewall and they both go through the bundle of wires that are grouped together and travel through that plastic sleeve mounted to the firewall. The first one has a brown two-prong connector w/ 2 wires - one dark blue and one black. The second wire was cut and has a zip tie around it (so I could find it). This single wire is orange. Any ideas? TIA!


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Feb 18, 2004
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The two-prong connector with the black/dark blue wires connects to the TCS solenoid. From the pictures you posted on your "Gas Smell" thread, I see that yours isn't installed. Here is what it looks like:
TCS Solenoid.jpg

The orange wire connects to the blower motor.

Orange wire on firewall.jpg Orange wire to blower motor.jpg

Hope this helps.

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