Real 1980 Z28?


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Feb 26, 2004
Bloomington, MN
Looks like a legitimate 80 Z28 to me.

It's just missing a few items.

Upper Z28 grill (body color) and Z28 emblem which would match the stripes.
Z28 gas filler door emblem which would also match the stripe kit. (Looks like a 78 emblem on there)
Front wheels spoilers (mounting holes are present in the fenders)
Headlight bezels (should be black, like the turn signal bezels)
Cross hairs on the turn signal lenses.

The lenses are available as reproductions and look like this:


Trim tag indicates Oyster vinyl interior (12R) and Charcoal lacquer exterior paint (84) with silver stripes (12A).

I believe the Z28 emblems and strip kits are year specific items, if your goal is to restore the exterior to factory look.

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