Real Z28 RS?


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Feb 17, 2000
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In the new add on Ebay, a little work has been done in the trim tag, I assume it's the weak link in all of this.
Also, lots of pics of the motor out, shows a 0010 block but yet, no pics of VIN, code near the oil filter.


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Mar 13, 2006
Tag is hinkey. There are remnants of the stamp visible where the Z28 should be. Norwood cars almost never have a build sheet which is why most fakes are made from CA cars which have a different tag. Obviously look at engine prefix numbers castings...but also the carb which must be a Holley. They are expensive and 99% of the fakes have the wrong one. Gas pedal is always hinged from the bottom on the floor. ALL other Camaros hung the pedal from the top. Unique Tach. Looks like a nice car, but for $60K I thing there's better out there. Details like the console not fitting together well, missing lighter, other minor sins. A seller asking world-class money should have a portfolio of the numbers, pictures, dates etc ready to go. As for the story, it's just that, and most are just a lot of BS. Look at his garage..he's a flipper. For $60K it should be world class. I see a $40-$45K car. Not a great color, either. If you have $60k laying around, I'd wait.

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