Rear Wheel/Tire Fitment, '81 Z28, There's something I'm missing...


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Jan 30, 2019
This was pretty much the exact first and second (of 3) setups during my build.
1st- BFG 325/50/15 on a 15x10 with 5.5 BS. Actual was 13.1 wide, 27.5 tall
2nd-MT ET Street Radial, 305/45/18 (28.8x12) on a 18x10 inch rim with 6.00 inch BS, in order not to have the jacked up look with a 28.8 tall tire, I needed to do most of the mods you mention StongSurvivor. (pics att.)

I did the following for both setups.
1-Trimmed and Rolled the fender lips.
2-Straighten the seat belt hump.
3- Moved front spring perch bracket inwards, gained 3/4 inch or so.
4- Moved rear frame eyelets inboard 1/2 or so (matched the front, there not perfectly inline anyway!!)
5- Stock shock location upper, and lower if the Lakewood J bolt traction bars are in a stock(ish) location. Used them for lower plates.
6- Moved spring perches on rear end to line up.
7- Had to pie cut & clearance rear inner wheel well/trunk floor for the MT 305/45/18, not the BFG's

Lots of work if you want the car to sit nice and not jacked up, JMO.
what are the size and bs of the front wheels

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