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Rear Window install questions please


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Sep 15, 1999
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Mine slid because it was still fresh. It hasn’t moved since it was installed in 1985.
DO NOT remove the spacers at the bottom of the rear glass.
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Jul 18, 2013
glass guy used my spacer blocks that i saved when i tore car apart 14 years ago. there was 2 the one was narrower that the other. He ended up cutting the thicker one to use. he dry fit the windows before he urethaned them in. he had me get the trim ready before he got there, told me that he liked to do it that way could get height right. i ended up reusing the original clips (after restoring). the glass guys i talked to say the new import clips are not good to thin, don't hold ,i had put them on and found that they were right. they also said they have noticed that the new aftermarket trim is not good too. mostly fitment and cheap quality. i have 5 sets of original so i picked out the best pieces to use. i did have to install 4 screws. if you don't have any of your clips, definitely take your time getting height right. i do not know what it is. hopefully somebody here does. The guy that did mine does most of the older cars around here he has been in the business for over 30 years.


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