rebuild questions


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Jun 6, 2016
st louis mo
i have a 79 z,picked it up when i seen for sale in my neighborhood,could not the qustions,it needs work some has been done, interior 70% exterior needs a lot,but thats a different subject,thread.engine has be refreshed,tranny rebuilt,turbo 350.rear is 3.42.what im thinking is too start with a front end rebuild.the will be weekend cruiser,play before i tackle the body issue,s and paint i think i should do any front end work what to replace and upgrade?thinking about tearing down to subframe,and put back together then paint.the suspension kits look nice,custom works etc.but im on a tight budget?so im trying to figure what ill need,should do.dont want to go back and do twice.any idea,s guys,what are your a fair shade tree mech.and mech freinds.this is the 3rd camaro for me.


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Aug 1, 1999
I'd check to see what actually needs replaced. A-frame bushings, jack up under the spring perch on the lower a-frame and pry the tire up and down while looking for movement in the lower ball joints. Have someone turn the steering wheel back and forth while looking for movement in the tie rod ends and idler arm/drag links. If all good think about an (anti) sway bar upgrade and some good shocks. No real need to get rid of good parts on a budget rebuild, spend the money on other stuff.


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Oct 1, 2016
Waupaca WI
The way I went about it was to start with just making the car safe. so I went thru the brakes and related parts, ball joints, steering, fuel system, suspension, electrical "usual birds nest under the dash" then moved on to the other stuff that bugged me.