Rebuilt engine smokin' up a storm


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Jun 3, 2012
Sonoita, AZ
Yes it did. I could have sworn that I posted an update but apparantly not. A pet peeve of mine is people who go on and on about a problem and then never post back to tell anyone what the actual cause/solution was. So my apologies.

Turned out to be valve guides. Even though they measured in spec with the dial gauge, there was just enough play (combined with improper seals) that they allowed oil to pass. I asked the machinist why this problem didn't show up right away. He said that sometimes it doesn't show up until the rings seat and full vaccum is applied to the cylinders.

So I pulled the engine and tore it down again. The heads were sent out for a full valve job. While waiting for that I rechecked all the ring gaps and fixed that pesky rear main seal leak. I put everything back together and dropped the engine back in. Started right up with no problems. Has run perfectly ever since.

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