Rebuilt TH2004R and BTO Swap Kit


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Apr 21, 2017
Central Florida
Hey Everyone! Long time lurker and first time poster here. I have virtually an entire TH200-4R swap kit that I am no longer in need of. I was going to swap this transmission into my 1980 T/A and make it my daily…but ended up picking up a 96 C4 instead. Details on what I have:

The Trans

Fully rebuilt TH200-4R. Was rebuilt by a reputable leader of my local Grand National Club. He was a GM service technician back in the 80s and 90s but also has experience doing high horsepower rebuilds for drag racing and other members of the GN club.

Builder insisted it will hold up 450 ponies, so I'd conservatively rate it approximately 400hp. Build included a grand national governor, all new clutches and steels, shift kit, modified fourth gear power pack (for WOT in overdrive), and ten vane pump. Comes with a deep sump Art Carr finned aluminum pan with drain plug. I have step by step photos and much much more detailed information on this build.

Bowtie Overdrive Goodies

I purchased nearly everything you need for the swap from bowtie overdrives in California. So you will get a 2400 high performance street lock up converter, a 75-81 tubular crossmember with rubber mount, 200-4R dipstick, throttle valve and bracket for quadrajet carb, complete torque converter control brake switch circuit and wiring, gasket and filter set, and pressure gauge to test for appropriate TV pressure actuation. Oh almost forgot I also have the correct metric torque converter bolts from ARP. Here's a screen shot of my order from Bowtie Overdrives:
Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 1.03.48 PM.png

Asking $1600 which is significantly less than I have in it. All you need to do is swap it in, figure out the speedo, purchase the fluid and you will be cruising with overdrive! Art Carr pan takes two extra quarts by the way. Would like to keep the deal local. Willing to drive and meet up within reasonable distance of central Florida/Tampa/Orlando. Hit me up if your further I am willing to consider delivery for a fee.

Thanks for all the info and for being the best resource for second gen f-body’s everyone!

Name is Chris call or text 863-661-4310


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