Replacement product for discontinued engine detailer. GOT TO SEE THIS!


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Mar 29, 2015
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So they discontinued my favorite engine detailer. so with great sadness i started my search for something else. while spraying my tires wet. the liquid type.(not the foam) I thought to myself, Self this smells just like the engine detailer i use to use. low and behold i tried it and my sadness has since left. you decide for yourself. pics from my car and my brother inlaws 2000 town car limo i detailed before he put it up for sale. INSTRUCTIONS: Degrease to your standards,touch up paint the engine compartment as needed. Then spray entire area with tire wet liquid. not foam. wipe fenders,wash car. tire wet will dry with engine heat. Attracts little to no dust.rinse and dry as necessary. last for months. pass me your feedback. Art


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