Replacing seats please reply your experience


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Aug 4, 2012
Glen Ellyn, IL
I'm sure there have been numerous mentions of different seats members have installed in their cars in an effort to achieve comfort during long drives or simply for a different look.
I have read so many postings they all seem to run together and am in the process of deciding what seats to purchase for the 3rd time.
Originally purchased a set of 2006 GTO seats and then found out the floor required modification to get them to sit correctly, SOLD THEM.
Second purchase is a set of 2017 Camaro seats, although they are comfy they sit too high in the car for my taste and the support under he knee lead me to believe they will create discomfort during long drives. These will be for sale.

Found a set of MAXIMA seats at a price almost to good to pass, are these the ones? Considering buying them just to re-sell.

Found a couple of sets of Cobalt seats, are these the ones?

Found a couple sets of 300ZX seats, are these the ones?

Found a set of 2002 Firebird seats, are these the ones?

Pretty sure it is clear, you can find a BOATLOAD of seats, looking for feedback from members that have installed "Other" seats in your ride. Are they the ones? Based pain level of installation and comfort would you do it again or recommend your seats?

A brief description of the requirements to get these bolted in and pictures would be greatly appreciated. I am sure this thread will help MANY.


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May 1, 2002
Phoenix, AZ
I would like to see some alternatives as well. I bought the Scat Procar seats for my car and they are cheaply made and not very comfortable.
I plan on driving my car around a lot so, I need an alternative.


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Dec 9, 2009
Gordon from Jacksonville Fl
I did the 300ZX seats, pretty easy install. I have my pass side out right now so I know I welded a piece of 3/16 x 1.5 inch steel across the seat to remont the tracks to get the right side to side spacing. I bent the front tabs which were vertical to being flat and the lined up perfectly with the bolt holes in the floor. the driver side was a little more challenging, can't tell you exactly what I did but you can't just weld steel across due to the adjuster for height/tilt, but it wasn't all that hard, once again bent front mounts from vertical to flat and the lined up perfectly. Very comfrotable seat, I had them recovered at a shop in a marine grade vinyl, sides in black, center portions in grey. A little wider than our stock seats so I am having problems trying to use a 2016 camaro console in the car since the seats rub it lightly. Thinking if I elongate mount holes I might be able to nudge front of seat towards door a little and get the clearance I need. Install should be in my project thread, somewhere near the end. I haven't looked at it in while since Photobucket got all screwed up but it seems to still be intact. Just checked my thread, seat install is on page 30, pics really suck now, all blurry but some good info in my write up.


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May 4, 2001
If the seat physically fits in the car, you can make anything work. With my basic tool capability I was able to make adapter brackets to bolt non camaro seats into my 78. Pick a seat....make a bracket


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Feb 2, 2008
Don’t laugh but I’m using 2011 Honda Civic si seats, they go up, down and recline which is what I really wanted ahdvthey fit the car well. I wish I had pics when I mocked them but I removed them to do heater work


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Aug 4, 2012
Glen Ellyn, IL
Absolutely, you can "Make Anything Fit", it is a matter of how high is the seat when you "Make it Fit"? I made the 2017 Camaro seats fit and the seat is high in the car and the portion under the leg would not lend itself to comfort for long driving. Pretty sure everyone will admit the original seat is low in the car, it is a matter of getting a seat to fit the car and comfort of the seat for long driving unless you are just looking for the "look" of a different seat.
I am looking for a seat that fits the car w/o reducing comfort. Based on my limited experience gained while shopping for seats I have learned the edge of the seat has to be close to the original seat height, the width cannot be wider, the rest of the seat feature then becomes "Make it Fit".
The underside of the seat is most important, it has to clear the hump in the floor as it progresses to the rear mount, this appears to be the Achilles Heal. I haven't had the privilege to see the floor of a newer car but based on seats I have seen it appears most are flat between the front and rear seat mounts???
As noted above this winter I will give the 2017 Camaro seats another shot, based on preliminary numbers the front of the seat guide needs to be 5 1/2" toward the rear of the car to get it to mount up correctly, this will allow the seat to travel forward for someone 5' tall or someone as tall as 6'5" to fit the car. The rear seat room is pretty much non existent at this point. I do not drive in the back seat nor did this car get purchased for anyone in the backseat. All speculation at this point.

Looking for options and input from those that have installed seats from other cars and enjoy those seats.

Thanks to those that have replied with their experience, others need not reply.

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