Repop Instrument Cluster Case


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Nov 24, 2012
Houston, Texas
Anyone used one of these repoped units, satisfied or not.

Installed the same one in my 71. The four tabs line up with the padded dash attachment locations. Speedo and tach fit fine as does the pc on the back and the bulb sockets

The rest only partially installed but with good alignment (the black cover thing and the clear plastic lens only over the speedo and tach). This is due to my installing Autometer gauges in the bezel

For the gauge-indicator lights on the outer wings, not using them so don't know about this area

The interior I covered with foil backed duct tape to keep light from coming through the case.

BTW - as a kid, lived two years on East 22nd Place, a couple blocks from MacArthur Elementary School


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All the OER stuff fits together nicely (housing, circuit board, bulb sockets, lens) and the gauges sit in perfectly. The only problem I had was that when I went to put the original bezel it did not fit correctly on the OER lens. I test fit my original lens and it did not sit correct on the bucket. Had to buy a new OER bezel that does fit perfectly. Unlike Chuck71RS, the tabs do not line up perfectly with the dash pad tabs on my new NPD dash pad, that I already painted before I test fit the cluster :(. Guess I should have gone for the OER dash pad too? I just got sucked in by the reinforcement the NPD pad offered, bad idea, lesson learned, won't buy another from them when I do my SS.


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Aug 18, 2011
Upstate New York
I bought a repop OER and sent it back. Many dimensions were off and the gauges did not line up with the bezel properly.


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