RIP: George Morris - 1955 - 2016 - Orange71 Winter Projects

2nd gen man

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Nov 28, 2010
I never met him.. but he was a helpful and kind person..
he helped me out and I will never forget his kindness
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Tokyo Torquer3

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Oct 14, 2003
That is sad to hear.. 60 is still young these days and it would have been nice if he had a few more years with the great camaro he built. The car is sort of his legacy as there is a lot of himself in the car.

Does anyone know what kind of cancer he had? I work in oncology.

Rest in peace George.

Robert J Licher

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Jan 13, 2018
It's been a long winter and I've started a few projects on the car. I've just begun to get some of those finished.
I wanted to stiffen up the suspension/chassis a little bit so i did some shopping at PTFB. I bought their front sway bar brace (actually I bought it from a site member), adjustable rear sway bar kit, and their new adjustable pro g-braces.

First to be finished was the front sway bar brace -

Installing it seemed pretty straight forward as it mounts between the frame and sway bar frame bushings. I didn't take a lot of pics of the install but there's a few things that needs to be done to make it fit right. The frame plate will need to be trimed to sit flat on the frame. The plate is a little big and interfers with the frame overlap seams. Also, on mine I had to drill out the holes as they didn't line up exactly right. I didn't like the fact that the brace and swar bar would be held onto the frame with the same bolts. So I welded the brace to the frame once I had it all lined up then bolted the sway bar back on. The kit comes with longer bolts and other hardware.
Looks pretty good with the T/A 1-1/4" sway bar.





What's with the RIP Bob 71rs

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