RIP: Zachary R. Pacholke - My 1979 Camaro RS Restoration


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Apr 4, 2016
Bay City, MI
I'm terribly sorry I have never replied to this forum.

The car had a great summer when we had given back to zach's girlfriend. I had posted pictures of it at a local car show with my truck on nastyz28s Facebook thread way back when, & took home its first award at its first car event

Unfortunately I have not seen the car since the summer of '17, when it was last drove. Since then his girlfriend has grown away from the car & developed other priorities... the car still sits in her garage as far as I know, although it's been months since I've spoken to her aswell.

I wont lie, it bums me right the hell out... I'd love to have that car on the road.

Attached is a link to the pictures of when we had finished the car.
Dec 3, 2020
Wow, I spent all day looking at this thread, what an unexpected turn the story took.
Zach was building an awesome car, and I'm just tearing up thinking about how he never got to really enjoy the fruits of his labor.

That Mulsanne blue is awesome, and I'm painting my next car that color.

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