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Rod Mc

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May 2, 2011
Melbourne Australia
Guys , Hi I'm new to this forum and after a bit of help and advise
I'm looking for advise and ideas on best rear brake disc upgrade for 72 Camaro , I'm in Oz so finding gen 3 parts to adapt isnt really an option. If I do upgrade to discs on rear should I also upgrade front brakes to make sure I have good brake balance?:confused:
Also want to know about the 500 Series steering box is this a good option to upgrade from the factory power steering that I really dont like at all especially out on the open highway.

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Dec 8, 2009
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Hello, Rod,

The rear disc upgrade on a Second Gen is the subject of much debate. There is a lot of information available on the different swaps here in the forum.

Personally, I use the 1980-1981 Trans Am Rear Disc setup (on my 1975 Firebird) along with the Trans Am Master Cylinder and Proportioning Valve.


This is a bolt-in swap and I am very happy with it.

These rear calipers have a built-in, lever type parking brake that many people do not like at all.


You will read that they are prone to leakage, although I reseal them myself and have no problems with them. For this reason, many seem to favor S-10 truck rear disc brakes. I cannot advise you on this S-10 swap as I have never done it.

You can buy brand new Trans Am Rear calipers from Speedway Motors for $99.00 USD:,1968.html

1977-1980 Rear Wheel Drive Cadillac Seville's use the same type of rear disc arrangement as the 1980-1981 Trans Am. The biggest difference is the Cadillac has a 'Big Car' bolt pattern (5 on 5" centers) which is different than a camaro/Firebird which is 5 on 4-3/4" centers.

However, all of the brackets, backing plates, brake lines, brake cables and calipers will bolt right up to a Second Gen differential.


You would only need rotor with the correct bolt pattern and hub size, which you can buy from a number of suppliers.

I still use the stock power steering box with a 3 turns lock-to-lock ratio. I find it to be excellent under all conditions even at very high speeds. I can't help you with advice on the '500' series box of which you speak.

Welcome to the forum and good luck!!!!!


Robert Herndon
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