'Rollbar or No Rollbar' II


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Sep 10, 2009
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Still in the planning phase of the frame-off resto of my 71 which I will hopefully finish by spring. I've made up my mind about almost everything besides whether or not to install a rollbar. This thread was excellent, but left me still undecided..

It will be a street/strip machine that will see a lot of everyday street driving. Hoping to get into the mid 11's with it, which means a bar is technically required. Realistically, the car won't see the tens.. It would be a simple 4pt, no door bars.

I actually have people ride in the backseat every once and a while, so if I do the bar I would want to make it with a removable cross brace- something I could take out of the car just like the door bars that come out. I would make the trunk bars tucked up around the rear glass and through the package tray, ideally outside of the speaker holes.

So, after searching the internet while typing this post, I found this great article on a Chris Alston kit that actually has a removable shoulder bar, which is awesome-

4-8 pt bar for 2nd-3rd gens^

Anyone using this kit? Looks like a solid buy if the fit is good. I basically want to have the rollover safety and added structural support without it getting in the way or looking too out of place.. I don't really mind if it doesn't meet NHRA/track specs. FYI I will be using the factory seats and otherwise stock interior.

One more thing- I heard somewhere that with stock seats and no helmet, roll bars are actually more dangerous in the event of an accident due to the occupant's skull potentially getting too friendly with the main hoop. Is there any truth to this?? I'm thinking as long as I use the SFI padding on the bar it shouldn't really be an issue?

I plan on running weld/bolt in sfc's, slapper bars, solid body/engine/trans mounts. Also considering tying in the hoop to the sfc's to make a 6pt.

Leaning towards the CA kit right now, it'd be cool to see pics if anyone has it installed. Thanks!



Aug 21, 2011
Delray Beach, FL
Faster than 11.5 will require a 5 point bar. Once you are below 10.0, then a 12 point is needed. A 4 point is fine for SCCA or looks only. If you are only planning on drag racing, build (tune) the car to run 11.6 and skip the roll bar. If you want to go faster, put the 5 point (I prefer a 6 point, so it looks uniform) in your car. I am in need of one for my Corvette, as I Ran a 10.9 the last time I was at the track. My local speed shop is looking for a 6 point for it, right now.


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Jun 22, 2003
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Also look at S&W Race Cars ( http://www.swracecars.com/ ) roll bar kits (they have all kinds of race parts too!). Everyone that I know that installed one of the S&W kits said that it went right in will very little modification.

BTW, a roll cage does more than save your butt when thing go wrong. It ties the whole car together to make it stiffer too.