route speaker wire to door speakers

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    I started the post in body restoration about tapping npt but seemed better to move here.

    Your thoughts about which wire route
    A: between the car interior and the door gasket
    B: Other side of the door gasket

    CL3 wire is being used (rated for burial and exterior use)

    A: A npt fitting with a 1/8" f x m adapter (brass). Id has just enough clearance for a very close wire fit. Use exterior caulk around the surface of each opening for the adapter to thread into. Use same caulk to fill in the gap between the wire and the adapter. If npt tap is not possible, drill smooth hole and nut adapter on back side. Door gasket will close on the wire but not crush. Suggestions to use grommets but will not provide the weather proofing the adapter would provide

    B: Use a rubber boot attached to the side of the body and outward on the door. Is the shown location used on Camaros with power windows? Is the round circle ( 2 1/2" dia) on the door the connection point here?

    Option A: Simpler for holes can be made without removing the fender. Also cheaper. Simple routing to the speakers. Minimal hole size
    Option B: Not as visible. How durable is the rubber? Pretty big holes for a pair of speaker wires

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    both would obviously work, so it boils down more to personal preference. I like the idea of using the rubber boot simply because it has a cleaner look and looks factory.

    The holes I was referring to are shown below. First one is in she body-side door jamb and the 2nd one is the plate in he door, which I will remove since I will be going with power windows.



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