sammy hager "RED"


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Feb 27, 2004
Podunk, CT
Hence why Sammy is the Red Rocker. Red is my favorite Sammy Hagar song, been so for 20 years. I was actually thinking about getting red rkr as a vanity plate, and was going to buy red scorpion roller rockers when I was building my BB, but the guy at scorpion was a dick, so I bought something else. I saw him in concert just a year or so ago when he toured with Michael Anthony.


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Mar 6, 2009
OP, Kansas
Cool find! Samy's old stuff was cool but i recently went to a show he performed at here in KC and besides the very little van hagar stuff he performed the show was terrible. his cabo wabo crap sounded like country. back in the eighty's he was good. now he is washed up. i also saw van halens reunion show twice. once in Omaha and once in KC. fwiw Van Halen (roth) is by far one of the greatest bands Ive seen. Not trying to Sammy bash but im just saying his new bits are pathetic

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