Sayroo 1970 Resto-Mod 2010-???


Oct 24, 2011
Houston, TX
So it’s been YEARS since I got on here and posted anything. Unfortunately I don’t have the mindset to “journal and document” as I go so pardon the craziness.

Bought the car in OCT 2011. It was a monster from Frankenstein. Had parts from all years, different models/packages, not to mention other makes (seats out of an old Honda Civic). It was barely running but not safe or reliable at all. Tooled around for a few weeks then found a shop to start working on it.

Jump ahead to July 2012 and I had the whole car rewired, Power seats from an 81, new dash and a few other upgrades.

Found a shop that did good drivetrain work and got motor rebuilt, swapped the trans, rear-end, did a brake conversion and added a vortech charger in 2013.


Got tired of the temperamental fuel system and went efi in 2015 and upped the psi from 4 to 8 on the charger. Also did 3” stainless from headers back with flow master mufflers. Replaced the grille and wheels and tires too.


Kept it as-is until 2019 when I was referred to a body shop in Sugar Land. That was an utter mistake. Been there since Oct 2019 and still in pieces.


I think he finally got some paint on it but still have a long way to go.

I’ll send more updates when I see some progress.


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Feb 17, 2000
Sacramento, CA
Nice transformation...what does the paint shop tell you is the reason for the multi-year delay?
What front brakes are those, and what all was changed?
Regarding the EFI, what fuel components were temperamental?


Oct 24, 2011
Houston, TX
Thank you! He says he hasn’t been able to find/keep guys since COVID hit. He only works in it for a little when I threaten to come pick it up. Kinda sketchy.

Brakes were a no-name conversion kit from drums to disc I got on eBay back in 2012. I’ve replaced everything from master cylinder through the lines (stainless braided) and added a booster.

Due to the blow-through carb setup the carb was constantly needing to be adjusted. Like monthly! After dealing with it for a year+ I went ahead and did a Fitech efi system.

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