Scammers got me


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Jan 17, 2007
Central Illinois

I was just looking my bank account online and found a $200.00 charge from my debit account to a local Lowes store. I KNOW I dont shop at Lowes so I called the store and had them do a little research. Turns out somebody went to the store on 4/15 and bought a $200 gift card with my debit card...EXCEPT my debit card is always in my wallet.

Ready to crack some skulls but for now I got a call into my bank, will have to wait and see what they say tomorrow.

Happen to anyone else?
Give me your card information, I'll get it sorted out for you.:D


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Oct 1, 2016
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Most banks will issue a new card right away but it is a pain in the butt to recover your money. Had some folks at work that ran into the same thing it took a lot of paper work and some months to get their money credited to the account. Normally i use cash for most purchases we all know how to do that...I do have an account that i use for online purchases and will fund it for what i buy using a card.

Not sure how you were compromised, i do from time to time when i use a card at a retail point of sale tug on the scanner.


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Feb 26, 2004
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The lady I talked to at Lowes said the gift card they bought has a serial number that will now be tagged with the loss management people. So I assume if someone uses that gift card, they will reject the card or tell the cashier to call the cops? how does that work?

They know there's a risk in trying to use them at a store.
So... They take the $200 card to a pawn shop (before it's been reported as a bad transaction/card) and walk out with $30-40 cash.

Found out how this works from my GF.
Their store helped bust a couple of shoplifting rings in the Minneapolis area.

They would swipe small, expensive stuff.... Go to a nearby store (same chain, next suburb).
They claim it was a gift, they have no receipt but the item IS in the store inventory.
Even though it might not actually be IN the store (because someone stole it!)
The store system recognizes it as something they sell, so....
The store takes the stolen item back for restocking and issues credit to them on a gift card.

They then use the card to buy stuff, pawn it or sell it quickly (well below face value) on Craigslist.

The store tracks these type of returns so the ring needed a lot of fake IDs to pull this off for any length of time.


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Jan 20, 2014
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I never thought of the pawn thing for gift cards. I have seen the gift cards on Clist but I just searched and didnt find any under "Lowes Gift Card"

Man I HATE THIEVES. Such scumbags.


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Aug 1, 1999
One reason we quit using debit cards years ago. No protections like the 50 dollar loss limit on credit. We have a couple debit cards, in the metal box under the bed.


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Jan 29, 2017
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I have been purchasing online since Amazon started up many years ago. I only use amex to buy online if I can and they handle it great. They have fraud prevention unit they call police etc. I don't have to do anything. New card comes 2 days later. I have been hit many times. Most times it is for gas or small purchases...One time I had to explain to my wife....No I didn't drive to California to go buy porn! Lol.

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