Screwed up the transmission in my GTP

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Apr 4, 2007
So. IL
I started replacing the steering/suspension/cv axles on my 02 GTP about a month and a half ago. Thanks to my wife demanding this and that be done around the house I'm still working on it (in the driveway) and now it's freezing. It was looking like another day or two of free time after work and it would have been done. I had already finished the rear and finished the front right earlier tonight. Started on the front left and went to remove the output shaft seal on the transmission....
Tore through the small bearing just behind the output shaft seal :screwup:

I think this is a 4t65e (HD?) transmission. Does anyone know if I can replace this bearing without removing the transmission cover? My wife is going to kill me :(

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May 3, 2004
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Don't know personally as my '99 GTP only has 70,000 miles on it.

You might ask over on one of the Grand Prix forums. I'd hit up ClubGP first.


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Jan 17, 2007
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I have a freshly rebuilt GTP transmission if you're interested. One catch. The kid drove it for about a month and snapped off the input shaft. They have Billet input shafts for these, but someone would have to split the case to get it put in - and, of course, you'd have to remove/replace the whole transmission.


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May 17, 2001
I'm not sure about the internals but pulling the trans isn't a hard job. There's only one bolt that is a nightmare to get to. Iirc you need a bunch of extensions to reach across the subframe to get it. The good news is, you'll forget to put that bolt in.

Tell your wife it's her fault you broke the car. How dare she distract you with other things beside the car.

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