Seat Belt Guide Question

Mark Wright

1979 Camaro Berlinetta
Mar 11, 2003
Flowery Branch, Georgia, USA
Does anyone have any idea where I can get the correct screws for attaching each of the escutcheons to the seats in my '79 Camaro Berlinetta? I also need the correct screw for the triangle belt guides to attach to each of the escutcheons.

Gary S

Lifetime Gold Member
Apr 14, 1999
Bismarck, North Dakota
The surest way to get the correct screws is to find a similar parts car you can take screws from. That way you get the right ones the first time.


Veteran Member
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Oct 1, 2004
Dallas Texas
I have a few interior screw kits at the house, I will check them tonight to see if they have those parts listed. I am pretty sure they will. Those will be easy to replace at a hardware store.

Finding screws from another car doesnt guarantee that they will be the "right" screws, since screws would get misplaced over time, etc. I was the first person to ever take my car's interior apart and I know for sure that I improvised with other screws when I put things back together because I was a dumb kid and wasnt paying attention to what I was doing.
My 74 has these, I THINK originals