Seats tracks


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Sep 15, 1999
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Mark,, did you not have the plastic carpet protectors in your 71??? Mine go on top of the carpet and the bolts go through the protectors and the carpet.
I don’t have a ‘71, but a ’70. My orig carpet did not have any protectors.
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Apr 13, 2020
Do the sit tracks require cutting the track end shape through the carpet and insulation or just an hole to the bolt is enough?
Curious since I know that if it's not metal to metal it might decrease the tightness strength.
I'm nearing the end of my ACC carpet installation (ACC makes a great carpet) - should be finished today. I decided to go with the seat mounting points above the carpet option because many years ago I tried the under carpet slit and the carpet didn't hold up by the mounting points over time. The challenge I've been having during this installation is while attempting to secure the front of each seat, the original bolts aren't long enough to catch. Because there's carpet overlap between the back and front carpet sets I'm finding the 1" bolts just don't work for me. If they were an 1 1/4", I think it would be fine though. As far as the mounting to carpet and the "tightness strength" the bolts will cinch up pretty good. And in the case where the worse possible thing happens and you get into a front accident, I believe your safety really is mostly dependent on the seatbelt mounting points and their condition, not the 50+ year old seats. Good luck!