Selling on Facebook


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Jun 17, 2006
Dear lord is selling something on Facebook nearly unbearable.

Selling my big block and t56 magnum transmission

I get a message this morning... "Would you take 2500 for the engine and 2300 for the trans"

It's amazing to me that people really thing that works. How often must that work for you to even do that?

I just responded with "LOL I'd rather blow both of them up before letting them go for that.".. which is something I might just do if they don't sell this winter.
Here try this one, it worked well for me with some of these guys.

Here is the crate engine you wanted for a great offer, don't try and scam me I know what I have. Let me know if you still want it.


gin man

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Feb 24, 2002
Morris, Il
I just sold my sailboat using Facebook and also listed it on Craigslist. Got the usual "is it available?" and then never hear anything back. I think Facebook is a bit of a pain since it isn't always obvious that someone has responded with a message. Only got one obvious scam on Craigslist which I think was some sort of record.

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