Series 2 Sub frame in a Series 1 Chassis???


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Mar 21, 2011
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I recently bought a 4X4 1968 Camaro. You didn't know they made one? Well they didn't and this one is a bit scary.
Well I am not happy with seeing this happen to a nice Camaro. This one is not exactly nice but could be. My question is on the ability to use a disc brake sub frame out of a series 2 Camaro in my series 1 car. I'm doing this in order to gain the disc brakes without modifying the earlier one. I don't know if it will bolt up to the body mounts. I also will need to put the differential in so this car may be brought back to original operation.
All info appreciated as well as parts I will need. I'm looking.


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BonzoHansen said:
i'm lost. You want to get rid of the 4x4 setup? if so just get a 1st gen camaro frame. they came with disc brakes too
+1 I'm shocked if that is any more than a Chevy Pickup Chassis with a Camaro body bolted to it. I can see the front leaf springs in the picture.

The 2nd gen Subframe is quite different than 1st gen. If you're trying to go back to Camaro chassis with that thing, the cost of disc brakes is the least of your worries

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Apr 9, 2002
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Another thing is the first-gen is a rear steer front sub while the second-gen is front steer. Just find a first-gen front sub and a set of aftermarket disc brakes and be done with it.

I'm with Lowend here and that chassis is scary ...

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