Sinuses... someone needs to figure out..


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Feb 9, 2000
Arlington, WA
Todd80Z28 said:
The pot doesn't get the water back far enough to really help me out. I have to get it back to the point where you "feel the burn," and a tiny bit runs down into your mouth. It's easily controlled.

I suppose I should have expanded on the "I can't do" part. If you've got something that works for you, then do that.

I haven't tried the netti pot, I'm worried about this same thing... Although your snorting story made me LOL at work!!!

I have this special problem with nose know that painful awful feeling when you whack your funny bone really hard? I get that type of pain when things go up my nose, but it runs up through my brain, wraps around my head and shoots down my spine. I have a lot of "special" neurological issues, no one can explain this pain yet...but I always say NO when they want to prescribe me nose spray for a sinus infection or severe cold. Besides, the few times I am desperate enough to endure the pain of the spray, it does NOTHING anyhow. It just doesn't go in far enough.

They wanted to do surgery when I was in my teens, I said NO to that as well. Normal sinuses are goat horn or ram horn shaped, on the CT scan mine are like a conch shell, they wind around and around over and over going smaller and smaller. The ENT doc called them "alien" sinuses that he had NEVER seen before. Oh yay. I'm sure pics of my sinuses are in some medical journal now.

The only thing that ever helped me was Drixoral which for some reason is no longer being sold in the US. No one can tell me why. I'm getting ready to order it from Canada.


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Mar 5, 1999
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I use this stuff called "Alkalol". Here is the spiel right off the label:

"Alkalol is an alkaline saline solution specially formulated to clean and moisturize the nasal passages, dissolve mucus, kill germs and bacteria, and provide natural relief from the symptoms of sinusitis and allergies".

Go to a "real" drug store to buy it, not one of the big chain places. It comes in a dark brown plastic bottle, 16 oz. Costs about 3 bucks a bottle.

Fill one of those small squeeze bulb things then tilt your head back until you are looking at the ceiling. Now stick the bulb thing in your nose and slowly fill your sinuses with Alkalol. Keep it in there until it begins to burn then lower your head over the sink and let the stuff drain out. A bunch of gross snot, mucus, etc. will come out too. In a nutshell it is solvent. Works great.


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Fawn said:
The only thing that ever helped me was Drixoral which for some reason is no longer being sold in the US. No one can tell me why. I'm getting ready to order it from Canada.

If you order, get me some, I'll pay you for it. I used to use that ALL the time....

Oh...and something else we use here - I have a BIG 60cc syringe that we fill up and squirt up the intakes with. Talk about pressure loading :)

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Feb 24, 2002
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My wife has been plagued with sinus infections, always on the same side, for years even having had 2 surgeries to supposedly correct the problem. This fall, she had to had to have the rearmost upper molar extracted because a root canal just couldn't be done because of the location of the tooth and its roots. She hasn't had even a hint of a "sinus" problem this year and the endodontist said that her tooth had probably been infected for a number of years and that what everyone had assumed was a sinus problem was actually a tooth problem.
Food for thought.


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Jul 3, 2003
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I'll have to try that Neti Pot, or something similar.

Every morning I wake up I'm stuffed up, and usually stay congested all day in at least one nostril.

Has anyone looked into getting a deviated septum fixed? I know I've had a few nose breaks through out my life playing sports, getting into fights, smarting off to "Mom", etc.

A guy I used to work with had his corrected (Septoplasty) and said it made a world of difference. I talked to my doctor's "physician's assistant" and he said it's a bunch of hoopla. I'm going to go for a second opinion from, of course, and ENT doctor.

For those that don't know what a deviated septum, or Septoplasty is....