So much fun finding missing parts.


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Dec 2, 2014
Bradenton, FL
Didn't even notice when swapping the rear, but just took the tank out and threw some paint over floorpans and what not for rust protection.

Realized the pinion snubber is missing. Not just the rubber insert. The entire thing, no I've found on ebay is a round one which may be for other years but may be my only option. Can't seem to find a new bushing that matches.

Or, find something with matching dimensions.

How annoying - I'd rather put it in without the tank just to make access easier.

Thinking a Jeep one may do the trick.


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May 21, 2014
Hutto, TX
The round, barrel-looking pinion snubber is for mid to late 2nd gens. Don't know the year of your car, but here's a screenshot of one I bought from ebay. It's for 70-73, possibly 74.