Some engineers…..idiots.


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Jul 5, 2009
mankato, mn
Heater core went on my wife’s ‘12 Ford Edge. So I get the parts and get after it.

Had to remove the intake manifolds to get to the heater hoses. Oh joy.
Get all that wrapped up and hoses removed from old core and on to the interior we go. Seats are out to get the center console’s sides off so you can get at the attaching bolts. I swear the shift lever and the top cover were installed by a ghost. The knob is held on by 2 screws, and you have a 2” opening to work with. The wires are tight and there’s a lot of them it’s gotta have all those stupid leds to illuminate the cup holders….
So I get that out and you have to take the steering wheel out, and the dash! What the hell??!!
But wait there’s more! I have to take the wipers off to get the cowl off to gain access to the upper dash bolts.

And that’s where I’m stopping for the night. I’m tired and cold and P Off.
And before I break the windshield pulling the wiper arms that won’t budge I’m calling it quits. I’d swear the damn thing was designed by the devils puzzle master.

There is no shortage of engineers and designers that should be taken out back and beaten.


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Oct 9, 2020
condolences --- how do ya stuff 10 pounds of scat in a 5 pound sack?
note to self: walk on by those Edge / Nautilus deals.


Feb 2, 2014
The new cars are a nightmare !!!! Im
Right there with ya. Let’s disassemble the whole car to change a part! The plastic clips are brutal can’t seem to unlock them, wires everywhere for stuff ya don’t need . Try changing out the seatbelt modules…. Buried in the cars in worst spot! I was just working on a Benz …. Tssss you wanna talk bs omg……


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Dec 9, 2009
Gordon from Jacksonville Fl
And so many people complain about doing the heater core on a 2nd gen. I look up behind the dash of my Explorer or F150 and wonder how they cram so much stuff up in there. Not a scrap of spare space anywhere. My 2004 Explorer's blend door to regulate hot cold went bad on me, the recirculate interior air door was already bad but I could live with that. Ghetto fix on YouTube was cutting into plastic so you didn't have to totally disassemble dash. Opted to pay $1800 for Ford to do the fix on both doors, the had to tear the whole dash out to do it. Figuring I bought the Explorer for $10K, it was 6 years old, 28K on the odometer (original dealer paperwork in glove box showed old owners paid a little over $25K for it), having done no other major repairs on it, thought paying Ford to do it was a no brainer. going on 19 years old now, (120K on odo) in excellent condition I still have not had any major repairs. So I think it was the right choice to get it done right.


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Sep 15, 1999
Ontario, Canada
The easiest heater core I replaced in 1973 was on my 1968 Pontiac Beaumont (Chevelle brother in Canada only). The cover from the engine side came off and out came the core without climbing into the car.

Bumper off for a paint job. I sanded the car, bought the paint in ‘74 and had it sprayed for $50.

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Phil G

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May 3, 2004
Tucker, GA, USA
Well, I've done heater cores on two 2nd gens. Fortunately, neither were A/C cars! And as an Engineer myself I share the opinion that so many Engineers are idiots. My Degrees are in Mechanical Engineering Technology. ASMET and BSMET. The difference is WE have to learn to weld, work in a machine shop, and actually BUILD the things we design! Where a ME would design a part using a ground and hardened steel pin to +/= .0001" tolerance with snap ring grooves on both ends, a MET would use a grade-8 socket head cap screw, a washer, and a locknut. Which are you going to find at a local hardware store if it needs to be replaced?

More than once I've been working on something (sometimes very expensive machines) and wondered if the designers had ever heard of a "Wrench Study"? Hello? The ONE bolt you can't get a wrench on is buried behind ten OTHER things you have to take off to get to it!

I've said for years (thankfully retired now) that a ME will design a part that can't be made, while METs make parts that can't be designed!



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Jul 5, 2009
mankato, mn
After some sleep and a good breakfast I was able to get the bolt under the wiper cowl without having to remove the wipers and whole mess. The wipers were being stubborn as hell last night would not budge. Some creative use of socket extensions and ujoints and I was able to snake it through the wiper transmission and get the bolt out. I’m not saying if that one will be going back in or if it will ever be seen again.