Someone might be interested- '72 Z28 basket case...

Discussion in 'Canadian Owners' started by Eric, Jan 3, 2008.

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    Posting this because I thought someone may have a use for it. Was an ad in the regional freebie classifieds.

    Called the guy, older-ish gentleman, who was pretty straight up that the car is a basket-case and has no interior or driveline (he used the parts to restore another Z he has) and the rear frame rails are toast. I didn't get into the nitty-gritty on the details, but he had no issue stating that it was a frame-off resto candidate and little else. Doors and glass were there, as was the complete shell and front clip, with rust. It apparently is, however, a genuine Z and he has the paperwork for it to be transferred legally and properly. And no- he won't sell the VIN andor registration by itself- he wants everything taken away in one piece.

    Telephone number was 613-258-3817 and 613-293-3196. Asking price is $1500- but I got the idea this guy will take alot less. Car is in Kemptville, Ontario. Guy told me his name- but I'm afraid I'm terrible with names and lost it somewhere...

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