South West Michigan Meet & greet!


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Aug 11, 2012
Schoolcraft, Michigan
Got the privilege of meeting OsborneConst. Aka Kevin the other day. Great guy. We discussed holding a West MI and surrounding area meet and greet.( or anyone who wants to drive from ? are welcome)

So here is what we are thinking. Kevin has graciously offered the use of his new shop. ( very nice by the way) he lives a little west of Kalamazoo MI. We were thinking of an early June Saturday for a lunch meeting. Throwing some burgs/dogs on the grill and just BS'ing among the Nasty Z member's. I will take care of the burgs/dogs and few other munchies. Drinks are BYO.

Looking at the calendar the 13th looks the best. The following weekend is fathers day and we don't think that would be advisable. So how does June 13th ( Saturday ) @ 11 am sound? We realize that one date will never work for all, but if we want to do this we have to pick one and go.

Open to all interested. No Camaro needed if it's in progress. Just come and enjoy a good Nasty Z member gathering. Significant others and kids welcome.

Pm myself or OsborneConst for any questions and address of gathering. I would like a head count a few days before so we know what we need.