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Jan 10, 2006
ok i am not sure if there are
but what are some visual differences in 70-73 Camaros?
there are visual differences in 67-69, but are their any for 70-73?
just curious


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Jun 24, 2000
Conyers, GA
There's quit a few - just off the top of my head they are :

70-71 had a corser grill than the 72-73 (non-rs models only)

70-early 71 had a low profile one piece spoiler. Late 71-73 had the taller 3 piece spoiler

70-71 door panels didn't have the map pockets like the 72-73.

70-mid 72 had a chrome backed rear view mirror. Mid 72-73 had black

70-mid 72 didn't have the "Fasten Seat Belt" warning light on the dash. Mid 72-73 did.

70-71 had black tail light buckets. 72-73 had white

70 was the only year for the low back seats. 71-73 got the high back buckets

70-72 had the horseshoe shifter. 73 had the button type.

73 was the only year to have rubber on the front bumper guards.

70-72 Z28's didn't come w/ AC. On the 73 Z28 it was an option

There's more, but these will be a good start