SSBC Brake Rant - No Customer Service

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    Unless you are Mr. Brake and know everything about all brake configurations I would recommend anyone except SSBC for brakes. Since they have become "SSBC US" they have no concept of service support.
    1. Last week, easy question for their tech line... I had picked up a tool from O'Reilly but none of the adapters fit the piston. I asked if they had a special tool to spin in the piston on the rear calipers? Their response, "Look for a YouTube video". Of course nothing specific to these brakes.
    Just to make it easy if you ever have to do it. Since I galled a piston trying. The design is actually super elegant and easy. Remove the 3/4" cap and e-brake spring. Spin the e-brake bracket and it draws the piston in if you just put minimal pressure on the face of the piston.
    2. I called again today to ask what size the banjo bolt and the bleed screws were. Their response "we make too many versions of the caliper to know". Really dude? I told them it was THEIR conversion kit for a 1971 Camaro, 2016 SSBC Force 10 single piston caliper. His response, "I recommend you pull the caliper off and take it to ACE and try bolts until you figure out what the threads are".
    If you need to know, the banjo is 3/8"-24 and bleed screws are 6mm x 1.0. Not sure why one is SAE and the other is metric?

    5 years ago when I installed the kit, they were super helpful. Not now :(
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    Yeah - I've never been much of a fan of SSBC. Their pedal feel always seemed off to me

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