Stainless Steel Headers


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Jan 22, 2008
Charlotte, NC
Twisted_Metal said:
Better than advertised? There's a switch! :D :cool:

How do they fit? (Auto or Manual, A/C or not)
couldnt tell ya's in a thousand pieces still. i bought them thinking this was a one time they are EVERYWHERE.

but it will be manual w/ AC so we'll see!

also, i stand corrected on the flanges...i dragged them out of the attic and found out they are 3/8"

earnhardtgm3 said:
that kit looks IDENTICAL to the stainless header kit i bought, even the packaging and gaskets are the exact same. what the heck is going on with ebay sellers?
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Dec 25, 2006
Hacienda Heights, CA
/\/\/\/\ Those are the ones I have. They fit well, altough I had to switch to the "short" spark plugs. I also cut the flanges so the tubes would seal up independently. I installed these about 3 years ago and suprisingly, the finish has held up quite nicely. Only bad part is underneath the car, collector flange. I drove it everyday up until 6 or so months ago.