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Mike N

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Jan 13, 2002
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dirtmod08 said:
Why should a list of names be published? It's obvious that people miss SP because a few bad apples had to ruin it. It was a bad move to delete the section instead of the abusers. All I see any more is the line getting drawn in the sand over it. I guess you may end up with the next generation of camaro fanatics, but this site has obviously slowed down a lot lately. That could be denied also, but it's pretty obvious to those that have been here forever.

People coming and going is the cyclical nature of any message board. We could leave the rules as-is and it would still happen.


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Aug 5, 1999
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I've been here as long as lowend ( almost ) . Not once did I request entrance into sp . Somehow I've found interest in other discussions on this site . Most of the intellects don't realy contribute much to the actual Camaro discussion. I look back at some peoples post history and it all noncence. All BS section . I've always tried to help and to back up my statements with some written matter . I mean if you can't live without the drama of a special place , than find a new " special place" to talk crap . Go help a member with you free time .


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May 22, 2001
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This is MadMikes "house". He sets the mood/rules, no question.

What confuses me is why some guys still come here and complain about his rules.

How many times would you let your neighbor smear poo all over your livingroom carpet before telling them to stfu/gtfo?


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Sep 2, 2008
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I could really give a s#$t about the SP section. This is a Second Generation Camaro site. When My son and I bought the car we where just going to slap some paint on it and have fun with it.Then I found NastyZ28.Boy did our plans change. Ive tinkered around with cars my whole life.But I have never torn one apart like this one. Ive have learned everything Ive done on this car here. From the first bolt taken off to where we are now. Ive never welded before.Spread filler or mixed paint. All I can say Is THANK YOU to the guys from NASTYZ28!!!!!!!! But I still read the BS section.
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Jul 9, 2002
Knuckle Dragger said:
So you're making assumptions based on other people's assumptions. I get it, saying people are leaving over x, y or z is what all the cool kids are saying these days. Saying it doesn't make it true. The whole "I'm not going to research it" is a cop out. You said it, back it up. I'm not trying to be an ass but you have accused the entire staff of running people off the board. Surely you could come up with one SP regular that left over it.

The whole "you guys" thing is just silly. This site has thousands of members and a few, less than 20 I would guess, have an issue with this that or the other regarding SP and the locks etc. Those 20 don't speak for the rest of the membership. Do you really figure a pragmatic guy like Mike would knee jerk a decision like closing SP and making an effort to return the board to the tone it once had? "Us guys" have heard from a lot of people about issues they had with what was going on. You haven't been privy to the discussions that went on for years about SP and the tone of the board in general so you wouldn't know this but you lump it up as us against them type deal. That's another shot at the staff and it's blatantly unfair and untrue.

I get it, you were trying to be helpful. Mike N simply stated he thought you should ask MadMike before using his site's name in your endeavor. He didn't say you shouldn't make the site. You got upset and that's your deal, not the staff's fault.
This post made me LOL...really.

Inever accused you guys of running people off the site...and I don't take shots at the staff. I've defended you guys in the past a few times (saying its a thankless job, you don't get paid, etc) about you go research that.

As for people leaving, I can see it when I log on for the 5-15 minutes a day I'm on here. I've noticed BS is way slower as far as activity and people seem upset in general over the loss of sp. Heck even Lowend admits he enjoyed the back in forth in SP.

As far as me being "upset" about "my endeavor" with a seperate forum? No that makes me laugh the hardest. I actually thought, thank God when I saw Rich created something right after I did and deleted the one I did (which took me all of 5 minutes to make). Go back...I even said I can tweak it, or maybe someone else can (ie hint hint I don't have time for this or want to).

You guys are defending the board, I get that. Believe me, I love this board. But you know whats really funny? Know how many times I've been in SP in the last 5 years? Probably 5 times! Anyone who hung out in SP can attest to the fact that you'd rarely see me in there. I never get into politics or religion. If so, it's a rarity. But you see, I feel for that faction of, what are you saying, 20 guys who don't have a place anymore to talk about things that aren't acceptable out here with thier buddies. I like people to be happy...heck I put myself behind at work to make silly photochops for here so that people will smile and laugh. So I see what I thought was a good idea to help out a portion of people here, I'm going to try and help the situation....instead of just telling people oh well, get over it or go away.

But I've learned my lesson now to just stay out of it like usual and shut my mouth.

Have a good night everyone!


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Feb 5, 2011
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Lowend said:
I can say that I'm personally here because I love the place. There hasn't been a Camaro in my garage since 2008. Several of the other mods/admin's are in the same situation.

The closing of Special Projects was debated among the Mods and Admins for well over a year before it occurred. It's unfortunate that the sub-forum, had to go

I'm going to say this as easy as I can. I'm not looking a fight, just pointing out what I've noticed in my short time here...

There's a same tone in most all the mods voice here. Many of you mods think and act too much the same on this board. And it's not just because of the rules of the board you each enforce that makes for that same air. There's just not enough diversity amongst you for a continued healthy forum. In time, and especially when mods can be over vocal, help aid in the making for a stale and destructive forum atmosphere also...

So, with that said...I ask if you mods have a forum committee area you visit to discuss solely, and seperate from your usall mod duty area, the overall forum health? Any of you ever thought of stepping aside for the benefit of change and sustained or increased forum health? In my eyes, some of you have been mods way too long here...
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