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Aug 24, 2002
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I would like to propose that a sticky thread be setup in Suspension, wheel, and tire. "What fits?", or something like feel like 50% of the post in here. So, how about a thread where each post is a combination, in use by a member, that works. If it rubs a tiny bit, then say so. Comments on suspension are also welcome, for stance and ride height purposes, though this isn't the suspension sticky. That's a separate issue.

Otherwise, it shows Front wheel diameter, width, back spacing, tire size, tire brand / Rear wheel diameter, width, back spacing, tire size, tire brand / hopefully some prices for the parts, as well as purchase outlet name. Please include photos.

Then we just stop asking this question. Of course there would also be a post about the factory specs for wheels and tires. That way we can stop asking what year the N90s are, etc, etc. Maybe it is just me, but I thought computers were for making duplicate work easier to eliminate.


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Oct 20, 2003
oh boy i'll go first.

front 17x8 w/ 4.5" bs 255/40/17's
rear 17x10.5" w/5.75" bs 315/35/17's

sumitumo htz tires and cragar soft 8 wheels. 625.00 out the door.

rears>i had to cut the rear lips on the fenders(i coulda rolled) fit is good now EDIT **i have sense updated my rear to whats current above. i started with a 17x9 wheel and had it widened in the rear part of the wheel by 1.5" giving me a total of 10.5" wheel with 6.5" backspace. i run spacers to get the wheel where i need it. .75" on the left of the car and .5" on the right. the 315's tuck nicely in and i have no rub issues. i did heat and beat the seat belt humps in.


fronts> i have minimal rub on the sway bar. only occurs during lock to lock. no fix tried.
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Mar 25, 1999
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I have used this one a few times

Front: 17x8" 5" Backspace 255/40WR17
Rear: 17x11" 5.75" Backspace 315/35WR17

or if you want to go a little smaller

Front: 17x8" 5" Backspace 245/40WR17
Rear 17x9.5" 5.5" Backspace 275/40WR17

My personal combo
Front and Rear 16x10" 5" Backspace 265/45WR16 - the front rubs a little bit on extreme travel.

All of these combos will require a rolling of the rear fenderlip. You may need to remove the rear seatbelts and pound the hump at the inside front of the rear wheel well flat.
All of these combos preclude the standard "over axel" exhaust pipes - I run 12" Turndowns.

muscl car

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Jul 8, 2001
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okay here's mine :

old school day2 look

FRONT 15x4 us-indy mag wheels with 165-15 tires

REAR 15x10 western mag wheels 3-1/8th BS mounted on mickey thompson indy profile s/s tires

with the rear tire/wheel combo and the 3-1/8th BS they fit in the wheel wells vey nice with about 2" sticking out past the fenders


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Oct 25, 2001
Here's mine:

Front suspension: Hotchkis 1908F coils -¼-3/8 coil (can't remember exactly)
Rear suspension: Landrum 225lb 5-leaf, 1½" drop -1" lowering blocks

Front wheel/tire: not very interesting - 15X8 w/4" BS 215/60R15
Rear wheel/tire: 15X8 w/4" BS 295/50R15

I had to roll the fender lips in the rear but could have also solved it by going with ½" or so more BS on the rear wheels. I was a teenager when I bought the wheels/tires and didn't know what I was doing.

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Oct 22, 2000
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16X8 w/5" backspace Ultra wheels (similar to Firebird GTA's or Epsilon wheels) all around here. Super grippy Sumitomo HTR-Z tires. Rears are 255-50-16's. Tried the 255's on the fronts, looked like there was no way to run a low spring height and not have rubbing, so I convinced myself to go the safe route and get 225-50-16's for the front.
I've posted this many many times... I think on the fronts, the best thing to do is to get a 7" wide wheel max, with maybe a 4.5" backspace. People run 4.5" bs even on an 8" rim, but if your ride height is real low, you will rub your tire on the outer upper portion of the inner fenderwell. My worn out factory springs let me test this by compressing them enough to make the tire contact the fenderwell. I would say 7" wide w/ 5" b.s. for extra fenderwell clearance, except that you will then have interference with the sway bar a slight bit at full steering lock.

It is worth it to me to chop up the fenderwells and re-weld them with maximum clearance in the top outer edge to be able to run a 245 and lower springs (Moog 5606 or 5610).

Those tires are GREAT for traction, best bang for the buck there is in a 16". They don't wear like a T/A Radial or a standard all season radial, but they grip like glue! My next choice were the Firestone Wide Ovals.

By the way, a 16X8 255/50/16 in the rear definitely sits inward a hair with 5" backspacing, and would do a lot better with around 4.5" backspacing. I will most likely upgrade to longer 1/2" studs and use a 1/2" wheel spacer in the back. Fronts on our cars always require a little more backspacing than rears. I would say a 10" in the rear is do-able with maybe 5.5" backspacing.

Refer to PHR's Project g/28 article when thinking of running more than 5.25" backspace! Tubular a-arms with extra clearance could be a lifesaver, err, rimsaver in this case.
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Sep 14, 2000
Like Chuck above, I have 16x8 with 5" BS on the front and rear. Running 245/50/16 on the rear with no clearance issues whatsoever (and I would concur that Chuck's 255's would clear with now issues on our car). We have Eibach lowering springs on the front with a 2" drop. Mounted 245/50/16's on the front and decided against it (really tight clearances) and went with a 225/50/16 on the front.

At our Camaro link below, you will find some closeups of the tire clearances.


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Oct 22, 2000
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The rears with 16X8 and 5" b.s. sit maybe 3/8" to 1/2" inboard of the center of the tire opening (center being the middle point between inner and outer clearance issue points). 4.5" bs on an 8" rear would be perfect, and around 4.5" on a 7" front (or a little more b.s.) would be great up there.

Looking at my car with 255's on the rear, which are close to centered with 5" b.s., I would imagine you could easily run a 275 on the rear no problems if it were around a 26" tire diameter. Heck, my 255 section width is 10.2" wide, a 275 in a 17" HTR-Z is 10.9" wide, you could easily run a 295 at that rate. A 315 in the 17" HTR-Z is 12.6" wide, that would be really close, I would not recommend that without some serious research!