Sticky Thread for wheel and tire combos


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Jun 9, 2005
Ballston Spa, NY
Running 16x8 '87 IROC-Z wheels on my car, after throwing in a 1" spacer on the backs they fit perfectly, 215/55 run of the mill Goodyears up front, 255/50 Khumo 712's out back. From the looks of it I should be able to run a 245/50 up front without issues. I took this pic a few months ago before the spacers (very tight fit, some rubbing), but you get the idea.

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Feb 20, 2006
Ok, just installed my new tires based on lots of research for the largest rear tires I can fit on my 72 Camaro. I went with the 15x8 Weld draglite wheels with a 4.5" bs and wraped them with 295/65-15 MT ET Street Radials (30x12.5). All I can say about these tires is that they are HUGE! I did have to "modify" the seat belt humps (also known as beating the snot out of them with a hammer) and I trimed the inner wheel well lip a little bit, but otherwise didn't do anything else. All in all, the mods were far easier than I thought they would be and the new tires and wheels look just sick on the car.:eek: The top of the tire is just a bit above the lip of the wheel well and it is just short of the rear of the wheel well.
I do recall hearing that there might be a problem with the tailpipes if you have them exiting the rear corners of the car but since I had a custom exhaust done that wasn't a problem for me. I have 3" pipes running to the back of the car and my mufflers are sitting up under the trunk with a small dump on them to direct them out near the center of the rear valance.
I'd have to say that if you're looking for the bigest tires you can put on the back of the car without them hanging out and without doing any modifications that the ordinary Joe can't do this is the setup.
As soon as I find the cord to my camera I'll upload some pics for everyone to see.

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Jun 8, 2003
I just bought some 04' vette rims:
17x8.5 fronts with 7" of backspacing
18x9.5 rears with 7.75" backspacing
The rears im not to worried about as i plan to minitub.I know i'll need some spacers on the front.Maybe some tubular A-arms but otherwise a stock front suspension.Any suggestions on a spacer size up front?


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Mar 5, 2000
Jungleland, Minnesota
On all four:

15x8" wheels with 4.5" backspacing.
245/60-15 tires.

Stock suspension with '80 Z28-spec Moog 6450 coils up front.

With the wheels turned on any kind of incline, the front tires were rubbing at the rear of the inner fenders near the bottom. Fronts were also rubbing badly near the outside edge at the top in dips.:(

Modified the inner fenders up front by cutting a 1" notch into the outside edge a few inches from the bottom and tucking the part below the notch behind the fender. This completely eliminated the rubbing in the lower rear area.:happy:

Added '77 Z28 bumpstop spacers to the lower control arms. This significantly reduced--but did not eliminate--the rubbing at the top. The tires continue to make contact in this area on a regular basis, but the only way I can tell is by looking into the wheel well to see the polished metal. Its not something I can feel or hear any more when driving. Maybe I just haven't found any deep dips at high speed--yet.:eek:


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Oct 22, 2000
Columbus, OH, USA
3024sp, you would need something like 1.5" wheel spacers up front, that's A LOT to space out in my opinion... wow. Maybe 1.75" spacers on the rear? Maybe 1.5 would work. Those rims won't really work well unless you can safely run those spacers in my opinion. I have seen 1/2" spacers often, but 1-1/2"? I think you could have found a lot better wheels to run, but I've never looked into running late model wheels and spacers.

what wayback is having is the typical problem that our cars were designed with. I think I'm gonna use my 225/50/16's on 16X8 w/ 5" b.s. still, and just get Unlimited Product's fiberglass inner fenderwells and chop them up and re-lay glass mat and re-glass them in that area so that they have added clearance at the top. Poor design from the factory.

I think I may get some good quality glass fenders and hood as well, so I can just do the same on the fender's inner lip where the fenderwell bolts in. Then my front end will be over 200 lbs lighter after al. heads and intake, fiberglass, and adding a heavier sway bar figured in. Plus a 45 lb. battery moved to the trunk, so close to 250 lbs removed from the front. That should greatly improve handling carachteristics of the car so much that I may need to bump up the size of the rear sway bar to accomodate for less weight in the front to move a massive WS6 bar! Good tires (really sticky HTR-Z's), stiffer front end, tubular control arms w/improved geometry, and additional structural bracing, and 20 lbs lighter on the al. wheels vs steel (per whl) will dramatically increase my car's cornering performance to fully utilize the really sticky HTR-Z tires.


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Oct 22, 2000
Columbus, OH, USA
I think stock 15x7 is 3.75 b.s., so 4" will work fine. 4.5 is what you want in the back unless you are running really tall arched springs or very short tires. (notice I did not mention AIR SHOCKS, do not run those!)


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Jun 23, 2004
Athens, GA
15X6 w/3.75" bs: 215/65R15 (front)
15X8 w/4" bs: 275/50R15 (rear)

Awesome stance. Both tires are right at 26" tall. No rubbing issues at all. Car has been lowered 2" (front) and 1.5" (rear)


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Oct 6, 2003
stock 78 with 15x8 with 4 1/2 b/s and 275/60R15 BF Goodrich no issues with rubbing. Looking to add 1" lowering block to stuff them in a little more and make the car sit down over them better.