Stranger Things 2 1979 Camaro Build. Need tips.


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Mar 28, 2018
Sorry for the long wait, im potentially picking up a 78 LT Camaro in the next couple of days which ill be using for this project.
I've done some more research, and from what i can conclude it is either a 78 LT or 79 Rally Sport/Sport Coupe used in the film (with some saying it's most likely a 79) which had a spoiler, front fender louvers, front fender flares added, and potentially a z28 gas cap and such.

z28's had blacked out headlight bezels, the ones seen on the car are chrome, which came on the LT and Sport models. Also the fact that it lacks z28 graphics, a z28 hood, and certain features of the z28, this car is most likely a mutt made to look like a z.

With my build my intention isn't to pass it off as a z28, which is why im not going to stick z28 graphics on it, but rather to make a close replica of the car in the film. I genuinely like the way it looks along with the paint color, which is also why i plan to do this. Hopefully i can have most of it done in time for Halloween haha


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Aug 29, 2007
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Great plan! I think Halloween is ambitious but everyone likes a surprise! Keep us posted.


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Mar 28, 2018
Just picked up a 1978 LT with 69,000 miles that ill be using for the build.

Got it for $2500, runs and drives has a 350 V8, power windows and locks that function. Needs some brake and cosmetic work, but the frame and floor pans are solid with only light surface rust.
The interior is in fairly rough shape, it's missing the door handles and is very sticky and dirty.
I plan on stripping the entire interior, removing the carpet and all interior trim pieces.
I'm going to clean up the surface rust underneath the carpet, and potentially paint over it once the rust is removed.
Then, i'll clean up the interior parts that aren't broken and dye them black (ill upload some more photos tomorrow for reference).
I'm going to keep the stock wheels it has for now and get some new tires (current tires are dry rotted)
Once my budget isn't as tight, i'll be purchasing some new grey 5 spoke rally wheels and Radial T/A Tires.
Everything else cosmetic will be focused on once the car is tuned up and running and driving smoothly.

Ill post some more updates soon, and photograph the build step by step. Thanks guys!


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Aug 4, 2009
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When you tear it down - Look for the build sheet.

Possible locations are:
  1. Under the front seats carpet.
  2. Between the rear seat foam and seat wire frame.
  3. Top side of the gas tank.


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May 9, 2006
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Hey guys! I'm back after a long hiatus.

I'm quite sure that it is a bad Z28 copy. I've never known one of those old Z28's to have a flat hood. But then again, maybe it was a Z with a bad hood and they just popped something on it to make it work for the show... or just removed the scoop.

My own personal experience with this:
My Camaro started off life as an 81 Berlinetta (I know, the ugliest of all the Camaros... and I agree).
The previous owner installed a Z28 hood and spoiler, did some bodywork and changed the paint from blue to a deep purple (it has candy red added to a factory GM purple).

The Z28 hood no longer lives on the car. I had to go to a bigger cowl to accommodate the high rise, carb, and, Spectre breather. Maybe I should sell it to those producing the show so that they can make an original looking Z28... LoL


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Mar 28, 2018
I pulled out all the seats and carpet to reveal a solid transmission tunnel, however rusted floor pans something i was semi-prepared for although i trusted the seller who told me the floor pans were rust free. When i was buying it, I peeled up the carpet right next to the driver seat on a high spot to check for rust. It seemed clean, but for those of you who are fairly new to 2nd gen Camaros, like i am, make sure you check the low points of the floor pan which is where moisture sits and rust accumulates. I forgot to take photos, but will post them soon. Thanks guys.