Sub Frame Bolt Cage

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    All was going well as I was removing the subframe from my 78Z...until I got to the last bolt. The nut spun in the cage and bent the bejesus out of it. It was the one on the front driver side, so I was able to get a wrench on it and get the bolt out.
    Now I'm pondering what to do to repair the damage. Should I try to repair the cage (put the nut back inside and beat it back into some semblance of its original shape) or should I get rid of it completely? Can I just weld the nut to the body or does it need to move for alignment? It's a fairly tight location, so I figure pretty much any repair is going to be a PITA.
    One idea that just came to mind is to get rid of the cage and nut and use a thick fender washer and either a self-locking nut or a nut with a jamb nut.
    Any thoughts or advice? Thanks.
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    The nut needs to be able to move so that you can adjust the frame alignment. As for a repair others will chime in. I haven't had that issue. Just did my body bushings yesterday and the bolts came right out.

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