Sunday Morning Drive Music - Chevrolet Camaro 1974

Burak Unal

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Feb 25, 2005
Istanbul, Turkey
I forgot to ask, what is that gauge you have mounted on the steering wheel? At first I thought it was a tach, when you started the car, however, when you were driving it , the numbers were all over the place,and what are those kuel gauges you have in the bezel, looks like a trans-am type 4 in one , I have never seen that, and then I see three gauges by the radio, HAA HA, well monitored engine.
:) it is a Summit Racing shift light with digital tach, it reads fine but it shows like that in the video. :) the gauges are Autometer quad, here is a link:
Auto Meter 1412 Designer Black Quad Gauge
The ones by the radio are , vacuum, afr and differential temp. The one behind the shifter is air temp.