Super Chevy Show pictures and/or video

Discussion in 'Camaro Event Schedules & Locations' started by seventy7camaro, Sep 27, 2021.

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    In an attempt to trace my drag car's history, I'm asking if anyone has pictures or videos of the drag racing going on at the Super Chevy Show in Epping New Hampshire in 2001. In particular, I'm looking for what is now my '78 Camaro. There's a Super Chevy sticker on the windshield that says... Super Chevy
    21st Annual Tour
    New England Dragway
    May 25-26-27 2001
    I don't know anything about how it was set up then or what the color was. I do know that it has been painted several times. Certainly someone did some video of the action or took pictures.

    Thanks in advance.

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