T 5 Trans into 4 speed 73 Z28 with L82 and 3.73 gears

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    Good evening all ,

    I own a 73 Z28 since 1981 and it has been the best car for me and my wife . We want to drive across the USA and need to install a T 5 speed and I can get from a good friend . How do i go about this install , is it pretty straight forward and who out there in Camaro land has done this before??? 3.73 gear with 4 speed put me know at 3000 rpm at 60 and 4000 at 80 mph , ugh !
    Thank you all for the insight , Joe And Liz in Tampa .

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  2. Gary S

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    An L82 should be able to eat up a T5 and spit out the pieces the first time you step on it. Invest your money in something stronger than a T5 if you want to drive it a while.
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  4. black_aerocoupe

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    The 3.73 rear leads me to say you will be happiest with the GM V8 ratio T5. I have run that gearing combination in my own and others' installs with great drivability results.

    If you throw a worn-out unit in, or you are someone who will miss 3rd gear when shifting, it is possible to hurt a T5. And if it breaks, you and your computer might get stuck in Bismarck with little to do. The main thing to look for is an oil leak at the countershaft front bearing race. This indicates a spread race bore in the case.

    The wider ratio V6 units are a bit truck-like in drivability. If you're not one to change transmissions often, I would tread carefully before putting one in your car.
  5. rockheadrocks

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    Things to know about the T5:

    one missed shift with your current engine and kiss it goodbye

    one solid launch with sticky tires and you can pick it up with a broom and dustpan

    T5 transmissions bellhousing bolt pattern cause it to be installed at a funky angle if you attempt to use a normal bellhousing

    only 1983-84 T5s used a mechanical clutch linkage, all others are meant to be used with hydraulic clutch

    only 1983-84 F-body bellhousing allows the T5 to be installed straight up with a mechanical clutch

    non V8 versions will not tolerate high torque loads for very long (even a stock GM smog era V8 can destroy this trans easily)

    even World Class GM T5s don't last very long behind mild V8s, and they are hard to find used in serviceable condition

    Great idea in theory, but unless you have access to piles and piles of these transmissions and don't mind changing them often, don't bother.
  6. CasperCasper

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    Aug 11, 2015
    Driving across the country without overdrive will cost you 3 t5's worth extra in fuel. I say do it and be easy on it. I had a t5 in a 5.0 rustang with bolt ons that was faster than a lot of stuff and I bagged on it. I wouldnt run one but I say youll be fine.
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    Agree with Casper, find a good World Class T5 and you'll be fine, if you drive it like a sports car you'll have no trouble if you drive it like a drag car then expect to turn the T5 into shrapnel, I knew lots of guys that ran superchargers on 5.0 Mustangs and Camaro's in the eighties and nineties, it was the thing to do, some guys got lucky some didn't, but that's extreme, tackin' 3000-4000 at extended cruise is not an option these days, I'd do it if I were you.

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