T-Top vs. structure


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May 13, 2008
How weak is a t-top 78-81 camaro vs. a solid top? The reason im asking is beacuse i would like to pick up another one to turn into a corner carving beast. big powerfull motor with a 6 speed tranny to go have fun in the twisties in. is a t top car that much weaker than a solid if they both have sfc? and it would also see the track a lot. thanks

m pozzi

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Apr 9, 2002
Central California, USA
A solid top vehicle is much stronger for the type of job you're asking of it. SFC's are just a start. Plan on adding a full cage to a T-top car if you go this route or you'll end up with a flexi-flyer ...

If the body twists and flexes, this delays the "change direction" message to the suspension and wheels/tires. The solid top cars also aren't wonderful and most of the ones I've seen have the stress cracks on the roofline between the door and rear window.

Mary Pozzi
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